To make use of the service offered by www.vhisper.to (hereinafter referred to as “operator”) you (hereinafter referred to as “user”) have to read and accept the following conditions completely and carefully.

Last updated: May 2018

I. General

1. To use this service the user must be 16 years or older.
2. The operator provides its users with an infrastructure that enables them to store electronic files on Internet servers.
3. The data stored by the operator is kept confidential.
4. The services offered by the operator are generally free of charge.
5. The operator reserves the right to integrate advertising or additional paid services on www.vhisper.to.
6. The operator is not liable for the contents of the users.
7. The operator uses the address to send notifications of incoming vhispers. These messages are no spam mails.

II. Terms of Use

1. The user is solely responsible for his published content. He assures not to distribute any content via the operator that violates applicable law or agreements with third parties. This applies particularly to offensive, obscene, racist, threatening, harassing, defaming or sexually oriented content or spam mails. The user explicitly guarantees that the provision and publication of the content does not violate copyright, data protection and competition law.
2. The operator will block access to content from section II. (1) immediately after taking note.
3. The user alone is responsible for saving all of his dropped files if necessary. The operator does not give any guarantee the dropped contents are protected from accidental damage, deterioration or loss.
4. The operator reserves the right to exclude all data for any reason, without explanation, of its storage on the server.
5. On the free service no claim can be raised and the operator reserves the right to exclude the user at any time thereof. The operator assumes no liability in case the service cannot be accessible