vhisper is a browser-based service. You do not have to download or install an application. Just register your free account now and start sending vhispers right away!
  1. Register your account here. You can connect with Google+, Microsoft or simply register via e-mail address. Just follow the instructions on the site.
  2. Upload a video. After the successful registration you can log in and upload an already existing video or, if you access from a smart device, access your camera and record a new one.
  3. Set the details.
    • Choose the recipient(s). Enter at least one valid e-mail address. The contact details will hence be automatically added to “My Friends”. For any subsequent vhisper you can now simply select friends from a pop-up window.
    • Write a message. Additionally you can add a personal note that will appear within the notification e-mail.
    • Limit the access. You may want to restrict the availability of your vhisper. You can set a maximum amount of views or days. Please note that your vhisper will expire after 3 days, even if the maximum number of views is not yet reached. You also have the option to allow your friends to download the vhisper.
  4. Receive a vhisper. Friends will receive a notification about the incoming vhisper via e-mail. These vhisper noreply sender address e-mails are not spam. To view the vhisper you then only have to follow the given link.
  5. Track your vhisper. When you log in an go to “My Vhisper” you can track whom of your friends watched your vhispers how often. You can also resend or forward your existing vhispers.
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